Why use a travel agent?

At Klahani our goal is to ensure that the “great experience” of you travel or vacation begins with planning and continues to be something very special until you arrive home. We work hard for you, so you can enjoy your “great experience” at the right price.

Using Klahani Travel Since 2006: Lynn Austin

17 June 2014: Why do I continue to use Klahani Travel for all of my traveling needs? So many people use online sites and cope with the ever-changing airline costs and times. When you book through Jerry and Robyn, you can be sure of notification when changes happen. You will also get the best prices for hotels and cruises, almost immediately. Their loyalty to customers is 110%. Because I now travel alone since my husband's death, I especially need their services. I have often said that without them, I wouldn't be traveling anywhere anymore.

Alaska Cruise: Aloha Stephy

3 April 2014: Klahani and “Cuz Char” (Charlene Kulukulualani), thank you for helping my husband and I get our voyage prepped for June. To my friends, I would say, if you have any travel coming up, you need to connect with Klahani Travel, they get the perks to make your “VACAY” started. Just go online and when you call, “Guess what?” You will get a real live person, Ohana. Start planning your summer, family adventure, or class reunion by call Klahani Travel, they will take care of you. Mahalo Cuz.

Following a Mixed Martial Arts Event

25 March 2014: Klahani arranged for participants to get to the different islands for a big fight this past weekend. There were last minute bookings and changes but we got them all here. They said, “We would like to thank Anty Charlene Kulukulualani from Klahani Trravel for taking care of all our travel arrangements for this event. You were a life saver, thank you so much.”

Richard Turen of Travel Weekly Says

So why use the services of a Travel Professional?  Richard Turen of Travel Weekly magazine says:  “I realize that you are being told that it is easy to book your cruise, tour or airline tickets online.  Just trust the supplier to take care of everything.  Turn over your credit card number and personal information to someone in a cubicle in a reservation factory or better still, to outsourced labor working out of a call center overseas.  Now your credit card and information is on Bangladesh or Pakistan, and your vacation will be expertly planned and delivered.”… Do you really want to take that chance?